The Joy of Jonas

1 part epic snow stormIMG_2753
1 part crazy women on a mission
A tsp. of adventure
Or what I like to call Blizzard Brunching. Everyone’s doing it!

Here’s the deal folks, there is nothing like the sweet taste of adventure and mimosas; Jonas brought us both in droves.

There is something about the camaraderie of city denizens trekking out into the frozen tundra in search of what I like to call The Story. It can be the most amazing carrot cake in the city. Or the most adorable half puerto rican half dutch man (See Getting Spark’d). Or the funniest slide down the rocky steps. Whatever it is that floats your boat on a particular day, you know you’ll be recounting The Story to your friends that missed out at the next happy hour.

So Jonas. We all know the stats (anyone reminded of girlfriends competitively comparing penis sizes of respective hookups? Just me? Okay then, moving on) What some people, more sane than I, might not have experienced was the sheer joy of bundling up, trekking through the streets like polar bears, and heading to brunch not once but twice. Cause it’s brunch people. It’s serious business.

On Saturday, when the storm was taking a breather, the girls and I obsessively checked the #OpeninPHL hashtag on instagram. Because Food Porn. After deciding on El Rey on Chestnut Street, we started out on our adventure. I was surprised to see so many people out and about, but I don’t know why; clearly it takes a special kind of person to thrive in our fair city.

So while the food was probably more on the ‘meh’ side, let me tell you people, there is nothing like a meal after the workout of climbing through piles of snow. The drinks were fabulous (mimosas, bloody marias, and margaritas were sampled) and as a special bonus, we had some eye candy in the form of the national guard. Thanks for helping us out, boys!



Getting Spark’d

1 part cool, up for whatever friend
1 part classic wine bar in PHL
Sprinkle a Blizzard to taste.

Everyone has that friend. And if you don’t have this friend, you need to get one ASAP. Like, put it at the top of your to-do list right now.

This friend is the one that casually asks if you want to meet up for drinks. Or explore this up and coming neighborhood. Or try this new brunch place. And through a series of seemingly unplanned, completely coincidental, really random incidents the night or day gets away from you and the next thing you know you’re waking up next to someone you just met six hours ago. Allegedly.

My friend’s code name is TheSpark and I know when I’m getting Spark’d. There is the unmistakable sound of a champagne bottle being popped and the air smells of adventure. It usually starts with a “we totally need to catch up” text. Then comes a location that “we totally need to try”. This time, we went with the classic Vintage. It’s a place that could easily set up shop in date-night-super-cheesy town, but somehow while it flirts with that vibe there is always a group of people at the bar that keep it from taking root there. Great wine, great food, and great relaxed vibe where you can talk, but not feel like everyone is overhearing your conversation.

We stuck with red wine and tried the Wild Mushroom Feuillete (Spinach, Gruyere, Chestnut Béchamel) which was on their restaurant week menu. It was ridiculously good, people. So good that we were encouraged to brave the blizzard and continue our night. I would share what happened next, but the first rule of being Spark’d is you do not talk about being Spark’d.

If it has never happened to you, well, I’m sorry for you. It’s the best kind of random.

Time Stops for No Man

1 part Ridiculous Blizzard
2 parts Amazing Singers
A dash of interesting PHL characters, youthful and aged alike

Time stops for no man and that is not a bad thing at all. Of course I’m referring to the whiskey bar and jazz club located on Sansom Street.

Other people might hit the wine store and hunker down for a record breaking blizzard. Me? I throw some basics in a backpack, park my car in a garage, and begin wandering the city looking for adventure. You say tomato and say life is too short.

So after some luscious libations and delectables at Vintage, the lovely TheSpark and I decide to check out Time. Afterall, everything old becomes new again in PHL and it’s about Time (sorry I couldn’t resist) this classic came back with a vengeance. And where I have been because how much fun is this place now?

We arrived just as Jonas was getting into a rhythm around 9 on a Friday night. And no wonder the storm was kicking up a notch, Pete Gaudioso, singer-in-residence, was in fine form on his birthday. With a special guest, presbyterian minister by day singer by night, by his side, the crowd was lapping up the mix of old and new with a dash of humor. His set was supposed to be done, but we weren’t going to let him go so easily. After several encores, he was followed by another band who did the night justice. I think.

You see by then TheSpark and I had enjoyed several glasses of wine and old fashions; really Justin Beiber could have been performing and I would have been happy. Yeah, I was super drunk.

Moral of the story is that I will definitely be back to Time for happy hour. The crowd was awesome and ever changing. We had great conversations (I think) and the eye candy was definitely there (no twenty-somethings were harmed in the act of writing this post).

Isn’t it about time you checked out Time?