She’s the person you go to when you need to plan a fun day (or night) in Philadelphia. Whatever your needs are, she can come up with an itinerary that is guaranteed to satisfy. She loves champagne and if you let her, she’ll take you on an adventure every time you go out.

She’s the reason the blog exists. Having used TheSpark to plan many an adventure, she got tired of telling her to start a blog and made a deal with the devil. “You arrange the adventures and I’ll write about them.” She has an aversion to commitment and is generally ‘down for whatever’ as the kids say.

Broad St. Broad
She’s the Philly sports correspondent and is also really useful in speaking ‘Philly’ having spent most of her life in the region. She is also the team vegetarian and keeps us honest with our veggie/vegans readers.

He’s the resident dude and is suitably horrified by our shenanigans every time we regale him with the stories. We like to think of him as the ‘everyman’ we’re writing to and about. He’s also got a sweet ride or two. (sports car addiction: we try to make him go to rehab, but he say no, no, no)