Avengers Assemble

IMG_3242I will do my best to convey heartfelt and accurate reviews of our adventures, however I feel honor bound to share with you a secret. I like alcohol. A lot.

So on this beautifully steamy Saturday, having started with champagne and recently ended with a spicy bourbon concoction (thanks, bar wizard) the squad choose to go back to our roots… I mean Root. And this is where I may veer into the fictional account of the evening because that bourbon was delicious and effective.

I probably had the Furioso because I had it before and it was awesome. I’m pretty sure I was fed some victuals of some sort. I remember being SUPER happy about life.

According to accounts by innocent bystanders, we did make our way to Assembly Rooftop Lounge and may have continued to imbibe. Now it would probably horrify some of you to know precisely how drunk I was at this very posh, very ‘see and be seen’ lounge, however my rebellious heart rather enjoys the fact that I was likely incredibly sloppy amongst the snootiest of society.

Regardless of the clientele, you should really take in the view of the Parkway from this intimate rooftop. I am sort of sad that I probably saw an incredible sunset with the art museum silhouetted in the forefront, but can’t remember it as my poor brain shut down after receiving several emergency calls from my liver.

To spare you any sympathy pains, I will not recount the hangover felt the next day. You’re welcome, America.


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