When In Doubt, Fishtown

FullRender copy 2When you’re in the middle of nowhere, full of bubbles and booze, and decision making is perhaps not your greatest strength, where do you go?

The new standby, Fishtown. There is just so much new and varied in this neighborhood that you really can’t go wrong. So that’s what we did after a boozy brunch and sweating balls beer garden style at the Viaduct Rail Park. (gross, I know, but PHL keeps it real)

Let me warn you, this is where the Saturday Shenanigans gets a little hazy. We went to Fishtown Social, which you already know I love. Being an aged human , I had to get a little espresso to rally, but rally I did! By the way, if you’re looking to have friendly conversation with bartendars/wine people, this is where to go. So friendly, but not weird friendly.

Then we walked to Wm. Mulherin’s Sons, and can I say as a beverage aficionado (read:drunk) this is a bar you have to visit at some point in your adult life. Many of speakeasy’s around town have fabulous bartenders that will build you a drink based on your mood, but at Wm. Mulherin’s Sons they do it with none of the pretension and all of the skill. The ambiance is old world, medium dark wood, apothecary meets new world, natural light and modern eats. SO GOOD.

The bartenders were probably not ready for our level of rowdy (please note how we started the day) however they very graciously looked away as we devoured the delicious flatbread like animals. Ten out of ten, would drunk again.

Oh, did you think we were done for the day? Silly rabbits… stay tuned for part three of our Saturday Shenanigans!




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