The Root of a Good Time

Do you have a mental image of what the first class lounge of Pan Am Airlines might have looked like circa 1972? Okay, because I think that is the image that flashed through my head when I walked into Root. But I mean that in the best way possible. Love you, mean it.

Root is definitely hipster, but it’s everything you want hipster to be and not a smidge more. Quirky cool decor, intimate vibe, and EVERYTHING is done with meticulous precision. Also, as we like to say round these parts, the people make the place (hello, U R the difference!) and Root draws a casual upscale crowd. People who don’t have to try hard to be interesting.IMG_2988

I enjoyed the Furiosa and it was amazing; just the perfect blend of heat and tart, although be ready to wait for the bar wizard to go into a meditative state to make it just right. (tick tock lady, my liver is bored) We made the mistake of ordering just one of the Spinach and Ricotta Gnudi (pictured); ridiculously fabulous and not enough to share. Just so you know I’m not pollyana-ish, the creme brulee was ‘meh’, so just order another beverage instead of dessert.

Root is definitely going to be a staple in our repertoire, so quick, check it out and you can sit at the cool kids table. Side note, apparently when you get to a certain age in PHL, you start to hit on restaurant managers rather than their patrons. Weird. And useful.



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