Bring It Bud


1 part nervous brunchers
1 part impromtu gatherings
a smidge of spring feelings
Shake well and pour slow

Talk about MAGIC. The last post had me all kinds of cranky, but ladies and gents, I’m back! This time, the girls minus Bosley decided to have a little impromptu tete a tete at Bud & Marilyns to talk blog business and it’s like spring sprinkled some happiness into our gimlet slushies. (Yes, you read that right. To. Die. For.)

Now, we could get all analytical here and point out that Bud & Marilyn’s is fast becoming a Philly staple and we could hardly go wrong with this choice. Well, yeah? After the last disappointing adventure, we definitely needed to go with consistency and Bud’s was just the spot.

Naturally, the slushes could not be passed up, but most critical to our mood was the KILLER cinnamon bun monstrosity known as the Warm Pecan-Cinnamon Roll. Holy cow people. It’s like a sloppy teenage cuddle fest in food format. Must have.

The thing about Bud & Marilyn’s is that there is an air of openness and jovial camaraderie that permeates; I mean, the two tables next to us with mixed couples had casually struck up conversation having eavesdropped on each other’s discourse. So nice, so connected, so… human. I get goosebumps when I see strangers engage with each other for no other reason than we share this space. Anyway.

Clearly, spring is in the air and I am in love. With Bud & Marilyn’s.


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