Winter Blues

RecipeShadows and Adventures
1 part good previous experience
1 part beautiful Saturday in February
a sprinkle of magic (damn, just ran out)
Mix, taste, and immediately toss

You can do all the right things for a day OUT. Gather the crew, pick a great outfit, try out a new-ish spot.

ALL the right steps. And it’ll still suck balls. (pardon my normal adult mouth that can do whatever the fuck it wants) Ugh, clearly I’m not happy. So we decided to stop by Williams Common because, of course, TheSpark had been there before and just ‘loved the vibe, you know?’ Now this likely had to do with the fact that they had champagne from the tap and let’s face it, we were all hoping to get Spark’d.

So off into the adventure we went. Except, no. Apparently they had changed ownership and gone was the beloved champagne, plus our community style table was sandwiched between two huge groups of college-aged kids which slowed down the service considerably. Nothing against the college-aged (except EVERYTHING against them when they come between me and my brunch, ARG!) I mean the food was good, the drinks were passable, but the aforementioned vibe was just NO.We tried to salvage the day with a stop at Zavino’s but all was lost. Not even Bosley’s fancy sports car could pick up our spirits.

Just a lesson to remember, a perfect outing is not all science; there’s a little magic required too.


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