Time Stops for No Man

1 part Ridiculous Blizzard
2 parts Amazing Singers
A dash of interesting PHL characters, youthful and aged alike

Time stops for no man and that is not a bad thing at all. Of course I’m referring to the whiskey bar and jazz club located on Sansom Street.

Other people might hit the wine store and hunker down for a record breaking blizzard. Me? I throw some basics in a backpack, park my car in a garage, and begin wandering the city looking for adventure. You say tomato and say life is too short.

So after some luscious libations and delectables at Vintage, the lovely TheSpark and I decide to check out Time. Afterall, everything old becomes new again in PHL and it’s about Time (sorry I couldn’t resist) this classic came back with a vengeance. And where I have been because how much fun is this place now?

We arrived just as Jonas was getting into a rhythm around 9 on a Friday night. And no wonder the storm was kicking up a notch, Pete Gaudioso, singer-in-residence, was in fine form on his birthday. With a special guest, presbyterian minister by day singer by night, by his side, the crowd was lapping up the mix of old and new with a dash of humor. His set was supposed to be done, but we weren’t going to let him go so easily. After several encores, he was followed by another band who did the night justice. I think.

You see by then TheSpark and I had enjoyed several glasses of wine and old fashions; really Justin Beiber could have been performing and I would have been happy. Yeah, I was super drunk.

Moral of the story is that I will definitely be back to Time for happy hour. The crowd was awesome and ever changing. We had great conversations (I think) and the eye candy was definitely there (no twenty-somethings were harmed in the act of writing this post).

Isn’t it about time you checked out Time?


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