The Joy of Jonas

1 part epic snow stormIMG_2753
1 part crazy women on a mission
A tsp. of adventure
Or what I like to call Blizzard Brunching. Everyone’s doing it!

Here’s the deal folks, there is nothing like the sweet taste of adventure and mimosas; Jonas brought us both in droves.

There is something about the camaraderie of city denizens trekking out into the frozen tundra in search of what I like to call The Story. It can be the most amazing carrot cake in the city. Or the most adorable half puerto rican half dutch man (See Getting Spark’d). Or the funniest slide down the rocky steps. Whatever it is that floats your boat on a particular day, you know you’ll be recounting The Story to your friends that missed out at the next happy hour.

So Jonas. We all know the stats (anyone reminded of girlfriends competitively comparing penis sizes of respective hookups? Just me? Okay then, moving on) What some people, more sane than I, might not have experienced was the sheer joy of bundling up, trekking through the streets like polar bears, and heading to brunch not once but twice. Cause it’s brunch people. It’s serious business.

On Saturday, when the storm was taking a breather, the girls and I obsessively checked the #OpeninPHL hashtag on instagram. Because Food Porn. After deciding on El Rey on Chestnut Street, we started out on our adventure. I was surprised to see so many people out and about, but I don’t know why; clearly it takes a special kind of person to thrive in our fair city.

So while the food was probably more on the ‘meh’ side, let me tell you people, there is nothing like a meal after the workout of climbing through piles of snow. The drinks were fabulous (mimosas, bloody marias, and margaritas were sampled) and as a special bonus, we had some eye candy in the form of the national guard. Thanks for helping us out, boys!



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