Avengers Assemble

IMG_3242I will do my best to convey heartfelt and accurate reviews of our adventures, however I feel honor bound to share with you a secret. I like alcohol. A lot.

So on this beautifully steamy Saturday, having started with champagne and recently ended with a spicy bourbon concoction (thanks, bar wizard) the squad choose to go back to our roots… I mean Root. And this is where I may veer into the fictional account of the evening because that bourbon was delicious and effective.

I probably had the Furioso because I had it before and it was awesome. I’m pretty sure I was fed some victuals of some sort. I remember being SUPER happy about life.

According to accounts by innocent bystanders, we did make our way to Assembly Rooftop Lounge and may have continued to imbibe. Now it would probably horrify some of you to know precisely how drunk I was at this very posh, very ‘see and be seen’ lounge, however my rebellious heart rather enjoys the fact that I was likely incredibly sloppy amongst the snootiest of society.

Regardless of the clientele, you should really take in the view of the Parkway from this intimate rooftop. I am sort of sad that I probably saw an incredible sunset with the art museum silhouetted in the forefront, but can’t remember it as my poor brain shut down after receiving several emergency calls from my liver.

To spare you any sympathy pains, I will not recount the hangover felt the next day. You’re welcome, America.


When In Doubt, Fishtown

FullRender copy 2When you’re in the middle of nowhere, full of bubbles and booze, and decision making is perhaps not your greatest strength, where do you go?

The new standby, Fishtown. There is just so much new and varied in this neighborhood that you really can’t go wrong. So that’s what we did after a boozy brunch and sweating balls beer garden style at the Viaduct Rail Park. (gross, I know, but PHL keeps it real)

Let me warn you, this is where the Saturday Shenanigans gets a little hazy. We went to Fishtown Social, which you already know I love. Being an aged human , I had to get a little espresso to rally, but rally I did! By the way, if you’re looking to have friendly conversation with bartendars/wine people, this is where to go. So friendly, but not weird friendly.

Then we walked to Wm. Mulherin’s Sons, and can I say as a beverage aficionado (read:drunk) this is a bar you have to visit at some point in your adult life. Many of speakeasy’s around town have fabulous bartenders that will build you a drink based on your mood, but at Wm. Mulherin’s Sons they do it with none of the pretension and all of the skill. The ambiance is old world, medium dark wood, apothecary meets new world, natural light and modern eats. SO GOOD.

The bartenders were probably not ready for our level of rowdy (please note how we started the day) however they very graciously looked away as we devoured the delicious flatbread like animals. Ten out of ten, would drunk again.

Oh, did you think we were done for the day? Silly rabbits… stay tuned for part three of our Saturday Shenanigans!



Start The Day Right, With Champagne

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Pennsylvania 6 has a champagne brunch now. Well, that’s like a siIMG_3257ren call to us, so of course we decided to check it out. Here’s the thing, folks, many people will call for bubbles at the climax of a celebration; we prefer to start your average Saturday Shenanigans with a bottle or two. Deal with it.

So the lovely lady server brought us our bubbly and three mixers (pictured), orange juice (duh), grapefruit, and a honeydew melon that was bright green. Of course, I went with the green because anything green is healthy, right? Don’t answer that. It was super quiet, which was actually kind of nice for a change. I mean, brunch in PHL is a THING, so getting some quiet time with the squad is a rare treat. Plus the food was delish, per usual, and while I didn’t sample the oysters clearly they were a hit. I blinked and they were gone, I couldn’t have grabbed one if I wanted.

Not to worry, we quickly hit the streets to continue our advenure and work off all those calories. Hello, hidden pop up beer garden! I mean, those of us who have been around may roll our eyes at PHL’s ‘Loft District’ (cue aggressive air quotes), but it’s definitely worth wandering through (when the sun is clear and present for duty) just to enjoy some urban nature and fabulous beverages.IMG_20160706_215041

The one thing about the PHS Pop Up Garden at the Viaduct Rail Park (pictured below) is that it is kind of in the middle of nowhere. It was a great walk from Pennsylvania 6 because we had eaten our weight in yumminess and needed to walk it off, but where to go from here?

Sure you could stroll back to Chinatown, plenty to do there. Or walk to Broad via Spring Garden and enjoy some good spots along the way. Or jump in a cab and head to anywhere in the city in under 20 minutes. (yeah, that’s right, PHL is awesome)

IMG_3297So, what did our adventurers choose? You’ll have to wait and read

The Root of a Good Time

Do you have a mental image of what the first class lounge of Pan Am Airlines might have looked like circa 1972? Okay, because I think that is the image that flashed through my head when I walked into Root. But I mean that in the best way possible. Love you, mean it.

Root is definitely hipster, but it’s everything you want hipster to be and not a smidge more. Quirky cool decor, intimate vibe, and EVERYTHING is done with meticulous precision. Also, as we like to say round these parts, the people make the place (hello, U R the difference!) and Root draws a casual upscale crowd. People who don’t have to try hard to be interesting.IMG_2988

I enjoyed the Furiosa and it was amazing; just the perfect blend of heat and tart, although be ready to wait for the bar wizard to go into a meditative state to make it just right. (tick tock lady, my liver is bored) We made the mistake of ordering just one of the Spinach and Ricotta Gnudi (pictured); ridiculously fabulous and not enough to share. Just so you know I’m not pollyana-ish, the creme brulee was ‘meh’, so just order another beverage instead of dessert.

Root is definitely going to be a staple in our repertoire, so quick, check it out and you can sit at the cool kids table. Side note, apparently when you get to a certain age in PHL, you start to hit on restaurant managers rather than their patrons. Weird. And useful.


The Meaning of Social

FullSizeRender 3Let’s talk about Fishtown Social, shall we? I went for a happy hour on a Friday a couple of weeks ago. It was one of those gorgeous spring days that tortures you when the temperature plummets the next week. The Broad St. Broad and I were catching up at the bar when I just suddenly felt like it was a Sunday afternoon.

I mean, why? The sun was streaming through the windows, the place has this really clean white/grey/black decor that reflected the light in such a way it felt… ethereal. Everyone was engaged in hushed conversation; not like whispers, but just quietly respectful.

When you think about it, there’s not that many wine bar in PHL so perhaps this type of social is what happens at wine bars. It was just different because instead of a dark/sexy ambiance, Fishtown Social is bright and refreshing.

Speaking of refreshing, I had the Weingut Martinshof ’14 and the spicy white bean dip. So good. I don’t want to tell you what to do, but you should really go here. Not on a night where you’re in a rush and are running around in typical east coast fashion. No, you need to come here to stop and check in with yourself or your bestie.

Especially in the summer when the light is as good as the wine.

Bring It Bud


1 part nervous brunchers
1 part impromtu gatherings
a smidge of spring feelings
Shake well and pour slow

Talk about MAGIC. The last post had me all kinds of cranky, but ladies and gents, I’m back! This time, the girls minus Bosley decided to have a little impromptu tete a tete at Bud & Marilyns to talk blog business and it’s like spring sprinkled some happiness into our gimlet slushies. (Yes, you read that right. To. Die. For.)

Now, we could get all analytical here and point out that Bud & Marilyn’s is fast becoming a Philly staple and we could hardly go wrong with this choice. Well, yeah? After the last disappointing adventure, we definitely needed to go with consistency and Bud’s was just the spot.

Naturally, the slushes could not be passed up, but most critical to our mood was the KILLER cinnamon bun monstrosity known as the Warm Pecan-Cinnamon Roll. Holy cow people. It’s like a sloppy teenage cuddle fest in food format. Must have.

The thing about Bud & Marilyn’s is that there is an air of openness and jovial camaraderie that permeates; I mean, the two tables next to us with mixed couples had casually struck up conversation having eavesdropped on each other’s discourse. So nice, so connected, so… human. I get goosebumps when I see strangers engage with each other for no other reason than we share this space. Anyway.

Clearly, spring is in the air and I am in love. With Bud & Marilyn’s.

Winter Blues

RecipeShadows and Adventures
1 part good previous experience
1 part beautiful Saturday in February
a sprinkle of magic (damn, just ran out)
Mix, taste, and immediately toss

You can do all the right things for a day OUT. Gather the crew, pick a great outfit, try out a new-ish spot.

ALL the right steps. And it’ll still suck balls. (pardon my normal adult mouth that can do whatever the fuck it wants) Ugh, clearly I’m not happy. So we decided to stop by Williams Common because, of course, TheSpark had been there before and just ‘loved the vibe, you know?’ Now this likely had to do with the fact that they had champagne from the tap and let’s face it, we were all hoping to get Spark’d.

So off into the adventure we went. Except, no. Apparently they had changed ownership and gone was the beloved champagne, plus our community style table was sandwiched between two huge groups of college-aged kids which slowed down the service considerably. Nothing against the college-aged (except EVERYTHING against them when they come between me and my brunch, ARG!) I mean the food was good, the drinks were passable, but the aforementioned vibe was just NO.We tried to salvage the day with a stop at Zavino’s but all was lost. Not even Bosley’s fancy sports car could pick up our spirits.

Just a lesson to remember, a perfect outing is not all science; there’s a little magic required too.